CLINIC: Improvisation for Percussionists 

This clinic focuses on Contemporary Improvisation utilizing the instruments of the classical percussion section. This unique and eye-opening ands-on workshop invites the classical percussionist to explore the world of improvised music. No previous experience in improvisation is required.

LECTURE | WORKSHOP: Contemporary Improvisation for All Instrumentalists 

This Lecture/Workshop focuses on Contemporary Improvisation for musicians who have had little or no previous experience with improvisation. Topics include, what is improvisation? idomatic vs. non-idiomatic improvisation, free improvisation, how improvisation helps you become a better musician, use of improvisation in contemporary classical music.

Improvisation is for everybody and this workshop always results in eye-opening experiences for the students and teachers alike. The material for this workshop is…

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CLINIC: Jazz Drumming 

This clinic introduces percussionists and drumset players to the essentials of jazz drumming. Topics include: independence, what is swing?, quadraphonic playing, the sound of the jazz kit, the ride rhythm, history of styles, soloing, accompanying. Making your statement as a jazz drummer. This clinic can be modified for the class level and area of interest - from beginner to advanced.  

LECTURE: Performing and Teaching Twentieth-Century Rhythms 

This lecture focuses on the performance and teaching of twentieth-century rhythms, specifically irregular groupings, metric modulation, and unusual usage of meter. This topic can be presented in a two or three hour seminar or as separate seminars addressing the individual topics the topics.