LECTURE | WORKSHOP: Contemporary Improvisation for All Instrumentalists

This Lecture/Workshop focuses on Contemporary Improvisation for musicians who have had little or no previous experience with improvisation. Topics include, what is improvisation? idomatic vs. non-idiomatic improvisation, free improvisation, how improvisation helps you become a better musician, use of improvisation in contemporary classical music.

Improvisation is for everybody and this workshop always results in eye-opening experiences for the students and teachers alike. The material for this workshop is culled from the semseter long graduate seminar entitled Contemporary Improvisation. This workshop is available as a two-three hour seminar, one or two week residency, or a full semeseter course. A DVD of Brian Willson's Imagination Ensemble is available on request; this performance is a good representative example of this genre. Please email me for a copy and more information.

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