...and you played very well.” - Papa Jo Jones, (after a Jazz Vespers at St. Peters).

— thanks for the words...

Brian Willson Things Heard Unheard Deep Listening DL 31-2005 CD “On his first release as a leader, avant-jazz drummer Brian Willson is joined by pianist Yuko Fujiyama and bassist Dominic Duval. Recorded in a single night at Brooklyn College’s recording studio, Things Heard Unheard” is an inspired collection of spontaneous and bold pieces. The trio excels at incantatory creation, as evidenced by meditative compositions “Birds in the Temple” and “Tibet.” Gentle bells and gongs, ruminative drum rolls, and Duval’s exploratory, glissando filled melodies make for beguiling stuff. The musicians are versatile in up-tempo contexts as well. Fujiyama fills “Fractals” with blazing cascades of angular flurries; Willson counters with a hale of cymbal fills. Best of all are the pieces that combine these two demeanors. “To Remember” pits the misterioso ambiance of the trio’s more lyrical reflections against simmering and exploratory improvisations. The interplay of “Constellations” is also impressive. Fujiyama’s treble excursions are offset by pliant baritone-register melodies for Duval; meanwhile, Willson creates a complex percussive architecture at the kit. A very satisfying evening’s work, Things Heard Unheard leaves one excited to hear what Willson and company will do next.” - Christian Carey

— Signal to Noise